Wine Estates of South Africa

©Roger de la Harpe
©Chris Daly
©De Grendel Wine Estate

South Africa is blessed with a plethora of outstanding wine estates around the country. The Mzansi Winelands have flourished into premier tourist destinations, offering a world-class wine experience for those wanting to discover SA’s supreme wine farms and estates. 

From the various wine regions of the country, has selected unique, award-winning wine estates to showcase as part of our informative guide to wine farming. These wine estates encapsulate South Africa’s superior wine production based on sustainable farming practices, paired with elegant dining and an unforgettable experience among the vineyards.

By Carla Lottering

Cape Wine Estates

Many of the more popular Cape Wine Estates positively bustle with the crowds of summertime, and some patience may be required if you are visiting during the holiday season....more

De Grendel Wine Estate

De Grendel is a wine estate of principle. Their famous family lineage, ethical farming practices and love for crafting exceptional wine are what defines them....more