South African Gold Jewellery
Nature's Elite Metal

South African gold jewellery is a truly unique treasure to adorn yourseldf with. A metal in a league of its own, the unparalleled qualities of gold have inspired the most exquisite creations, including magnificent jewellery and priceless decorative symbols.

Since the first recorded use more than 5000 years ago, gold has been beloved by elite jewellers, selective glamazons and the collectors of timeless treasures. South African gold jewellery designers know that the luxury and beauty a gold item presents is important to many, and work with grace and creativity to create only the finest pieces.

Treat yourself to the radiance of nature’s most precious metal when buying gold jewellery in South Africa from Our collection includes beautiful and unique items from local South African gold jewellery designers, such as gold earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Classic Emerald Collection

Presenting a series of emeralds in a gorgeous sequence, this pendant is the perfect showcase for these precious stones....more

Classic Gold Collection

Drenched in gold, this bracelet is a ‘must’ addition to a carefully-curated jewellery collection....more

Emerald and Diamond Collection

The verdant tones reflected in this stunning stone are tempered by the unique blue that’s common in the Zambian variant....more

Emerald and Diamond Ring

Add an unmistakable statement piece to your jewellery collection with this ring with a twist....more

Emerald Arc Ring

Begin your precious gemstone collection today with this sublime piece of jewellery....more

Emerald Crown Ring

One of Cleopatra’s most beloved stones, emeralds have bewitched royals and rulers throughout history....more

Emerald Dangle Ring

Crafted to perfection, it features a 2 mm straight band made of 14kt yellow gold, embellished with 6 brilliant-cut diamonds. Dangling at its edge is the rich green gem that’s captured the hearts of royalty....more

Emerald Solitaire Ring

An exquisite work of subtlety, this ring is perfect for the discerning style doyen....more

Emerald Stacking Ring

A style staple for all occasions, ensembles and moods, it enhances but never overpowers....more

Emerald Stone Ring

A striking combination, this ring expertly displays the vibrancy of the Zambian Emerald....more

Gold Africa Map Collection

Enrich yourself with the spirit of Africa. This set of earrings is a nod to the style of the continent....more

Gold Africa Necklace

Recently featured on the Fox television series, Empire, this solid 9 kt gold necklace works best as the centrepiece of your outfit or as an accompaniment to your jewellery ensemble....more

Gold Bar Emerald Stud Earrings

Both delicately tube-set, a natural Zambian emerald (0.06 ct) and a 0.015 ct brilliant-cut diamond form the aesthetic foundation of each of these 14 kt yellow gold stud earrings....more

Gold Bracelet

The designer incorporates pieces of the Robben Island prison fence in every piece to allow sufferers and onlookers a chance to redeem their frustration....more

Gold Chain Emerald Necklace

The designers of this 14 kt yellow gold necklace pay tribute to the legend with seven natural Zambian emeralds (1.06 ct), hung from a delicate 45 cm gold rolo chain....more

Gold Cross Pendant

Hung from a 45 cm chain, this divine pendant comes in 9 kt rose/white gold, yellow and rose gold plating and solid 9 kt yellow gold....more

Gold Crossover Hoop Earrings

The designers of these scintillating hoop earrings combine the green of natural Zambian Emeralds (0.50 ct) and 14 kt yellow gold to form the epitome of South African pride....more

Gold Cuff Bangle

The fence that once imprisoned Nelson Mandela is repurposed in this gold-plated bangle....more

Gold Diamond Elephant Earrings

These 9 kt yellow gold earrings are cast, polished and attached to pure gold studs for ultimate comfort....more

Gold Double Stack Ring

Double down on style with these stackable rings. Every ring is embellished with a unique piece of Robben Island prison fence, but the choice of metal is yours - buyers can choose between 9 kt yellow and rose gold....more

Gold Elephant Charm

Captured in a 9kt yellow gold pendant, the grace of the African elephant is a trait shared by all matriarchs....more

Gold Elephant Pendant

One of nature’s most majestic animals, the elephant has inspired song, poetry, art and design. In this charming pendant, its grace and form are captured and immortalised in 9 kt yellow gold....more

Gold Emerald Cluster Necklace

Three clusters of three natural Zambian Emeralds (0.78 ct) hang from an elegant 45 cm gold rolo chain, making this piece an investment worth three cheers....more

Gold Emerald Stud Earrings

With removable circular jackets, these 14 kt yellow gold studs offer options for day and night; natural Zambian emeralds (0.50 ct) are tube-set for everyday wear, and diamond detailing (0.10 ct) transforms the studs into elegant evening showpieces....more

Gold Half Circle Collection

Using the crescent moon as inspiration, the designers of this stellar 9 kt yellow gold ring modelled a piece of jewellery that captures the wonderment of looking to the stars....more

Gold Hanging Leopard Pendant

Unchanged by the passing of time, gold stays true to its qualities; it’s soft like the leopard’s footsteps, bold like the leopard’s growl and as eye-catching as the leopard’s spots....more

Gold Hippo Pendant

The second largest land animal after the elephant, the hippo is a formidable and magnificent creature. This African gem has been enshrined in precious 9 kt yellow gold to make a uniquely beautiful pendant....more

Gold Hoop Earrings

Set your sights on owning this pair of classic hoop earrings, featuring seven claw-set natural Zambian emeralds (1.51 ct) and a tendency to dazzle....more

Gold Huggie Earrings

Six brilliant-cut diamonds (0.06 ct) pave the way for a beautiful tube-set Zambian Emerald on each of these petite huggie hoop earrings....more

Gold Lion Pendant

Immortalised in 9 kt yellow gold, this pendant majestically personifies the king of the jungle. A delightful piece of minimalist design, this luxurious piece will appeal to lovers of refinement and elegance....more

Gold Mountain Collection

Available in gold, it is an accessories closet must-have and invaluable addition to a tastemaker’s jewellery collection....more

Gold Plated Crocodile Studs

The hand-carved detailing on these gilt crocodile earrings compliments the gentle curvature of the animal’s body. The symmetry of the studs’ design creates balance on the wearer's face by reflecting the shape on each ear....more

Gold Plated Fence Pendant

Be a part of South Africa’s reformation with this gilt pendant, hanging from a 55 cm gold rolo chain. Yellow and rose gold plated chains are also available....more

Gold Plated Seaweed Collection

The designers of this 22 kt gold plated cuff necklace pay tribute to the importance of kelp, without which we’d have nothing to appreciate. Silver ear pins ensure complete comfort, and GILT gives the pair a defined presence....more

Gold Plated Skeleton Necklace

Just as the spine supports the body, it becomes the foundation of this unique gold plated skeleton necklace. The designers chose to model this piece from the skeleton of an albino gopher snake - a small colubrid that hisses when threatened....more

Gold Plated Urchin Collection

An 80cm gold plated chain presents a design inspired by the shell of a sea urchin. Made and cast by hand, the 22 kt gold plated pair epitomises expert craftsmanship and proudly South African design....more

Gold Rhino Charm

With wild populations poached near to extinction, jewellers decided to immortalise the gentle giant in this stunning gold charm....more

Gold Table Mountain Collection

Add this stunning gem to your jewellery collection and harness the majesty of Table Mountain....more

Gold Tanzanite Africa Pendant

Because all of human history started in South Africa, the designers of this 9 kt yellow gold pendant thought it important to recognise our shared heritage....more

Gold Tanzanite Elephant Earrings

Crowned by 2 oval moderate Tanzanite stones (0.32 ct), this pair of 9 kt yellow gold studs illustrates the authority of the mighty African Elephant....more

Gold Whale Pendant

Hanging like an anchor from a 45 cm yellow gold rolo chain, this 9 kt whale tail pendant symbolises strength, stability and hope for the future....more

Gold Wild Dog Pendant

Harness the enduring spirit of the wild dog, one of the most remarkable creatures to be found in the African wilderness. Immortalised in 9 kt yellow gold, the designer has captured its spirit in the form of an elegant pendant....more

Gold Zebra Pendant

Expertly made by hand, this 9 kt yellow gold pendant is the epitome of tasteful decadence. Styled after the elegant lines of the zebra, it celebrates this graceful creature with a sleek, minimalist style....more

Gold-plated Dangle Earrings

The designers instil South African heritage in the elegant duo by using locally-sourced raw materials; gold is one of the country’s most abundant and valuable resources....more

Multiple Emerald and Diamond Collection

There’s no better use for 14 kt yellow gold than to serve as an arena to a festival of precious stones....more

Rose Gold Fence Ring

Crafted from the original fence from the infamous Robben Island prison, where the late Nelson Mandela was held, it’s been reimagined as a symbol of hope....more

Rose Gold Garland Necklace

Bejewel your neck with this exquisite garland necklace. Produced locally, it consists of hand-carved bronze plated in romantic rose gold....more

Solid Gold Fence Pendant

Weighing in at half a kilogram, this solid 9 kt gold pendant promises to satisfy your need for opulence....more

The Golden Ratio

The impact of these stunning diamond-laden studs is straightforward; the designer pairs 9kt yellow gold with a piece of fencing from the infamous Robben Island prison...more

Timeless Emerald and Diamond Collection

Expertly restrained, this design features three Zambian emeralds on 14 kt yellow gold and a tasteful scattering of brilliant-cut diamonds....more

Vivid Emerald Ring

Drape yourself in the rich hues of this standout piece whose lush emerald boasts striking undertones....more

Yellow Gold and Emerald Ring

Buy a wearable piece of art that will stand the test of time. This superb ring is a feat of design and quality, with several precious stones on glorious display....more

Yellow Gold Collection

Designed after the iconic lines of Table Mountain, one of nature’s most renowned wonders, it’s a beautiful piece of art and embellishment....more

Yellow Gold Robben Island Ring

Sourced from the infamous Robben Island prison, a fence has been crafted into an item of beauty and doused in gorgeous yellow gold. What results is not only an accessory but a token of the enduring power of hope and reclamation....more

Zambian Emerald Collection

In this piece, the magnificent emerald serves as a focal point — a celebration of its beauty and rarity....more