Classic Gold Collection

Simple Sophistication

Drape yourself in a tasteful pendant, a fashion staple for the discerning woman. This yellow gold piece is a subtle touch that hints at sophistication and refinement. 

Restrained and artful in its design, this creation features a flush set 0.01 ct diamond and a 45 cm rolo chain.

Add this pendant to your jewellery collection and wear it for years to come.

Priced From: US$160

Elements of Gold

Nab this style staple and switch between two moods at will. Drenched in gold, this bracelet is a ‘must’ addition to a carefully-curated jewellery collection.

Tastefully understated, it features a flush set 0.01 ct diamond and a 45 cm rolo chain.

Make a refined statement with this elegant piece, a classic design that will never go out of style.

Priced From: US$160

Full Circle

Adorn yourself with a one-of-a-kind collector’s piece, a ring that’s both a keepsake and a style item. This design is inspired by the flawlessness of the circle, celebrating the notion of wholeness and fulfilment.

The 9 kt yellow gold ring features a flush set 0.01 ct diamond and is the perfect addition to a meticulous jewellery collection. 

Begin your curation today with this versatile ring for all occasions.

Priced From: US$230

Adorn Yourself

Embody grace and style with these stunning minimalist earrings, a tasteful staple set. 

With 9 kt yellow gold featuring a flush set 0.01 ct diamond, they are a feat of design and restraint.

These earrings were crafted with simplicity and discernment in mind. Begin your jewellery collection with this piece and set the standard at refinement.

Priced From: US$170

Drops of Gold

You’re timeless, regal and stylish when you embody the qualities of gold. Add these drop earrings to your collection and never search for embellishment again.

A pair that epitomises simplicity, curation and polish, it is a must-have for those to whom minimalism is everything.

Made of 9 kt yellow gold, with 2 flush set diamonds totalling 0.02ct embedded within, this duo is the perfect addition to a meticulously curated jewellery collection.

Priced From: US$170

By Jewel Africa