Gold Plated Seaweed Collection

Where Credit's Due

South Africa’s coastline is littered with life-giving kelp forests. These seaweed arenas harbour countless marine species but don’t attract the same appreciation as the animals themselves. The designers of this 22 kt gold plated cuff necklace pay tribute to the importance of kelp, without which we’d have nothing to appreciate.

This GILT necklace exposes the beauty that so often goes unnoticed. Send an enquiry to to secure this piece.

Priced From: US$140

The Golden Hour

As the sun rises over South Africa’s west coast, life in the shallows awakens. Strands of seaweed move with the swell, offering sanctuary to those in search of breakfast and inspiring designers to create these 22 kt gold plated earrings. Silver ear pins ensure complete comfort, and GILT gives the pair a defined presence.

Start your day the right way with these naturalistic earrings from

Priced From: US$90

By Smith Jewellery