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Scientific name



Up to 30 cm, average 5 cm.


Gobies have small, elongated body with a large head, body tapering towards the tail. Large eyes on top of the head. Some have barbels on different areas of the head. Colouration varies widely from drab brown and grey to colourful yellow, blue and silver.

General Info

Gobiidae family consists of more than 210 genera and more than 1 800 species. The largest family of marine fish. Some of the genera have fused pelvic fins, which are used to hold fast to the coral. Found perched on rocks or coral. Eggs attached to substrate. The males watch over them until they hatch – usually a few days.


Gobies feed on small invertebrates and planktonic algae.


Gobies occur in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world.

Common species

Fire goby - Nemateleotris magnifica
Seawhip goby - Bryaninops yongei
Pennant glider - Valenciennea strigata

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