Devil Ray

© Johan Boshoff

Common family name

Devil ray

Others in family

Bonnet, Smooth-tail, Mobula, Bull, Cownose

Scientific name

Mobula kuhlii


Up to 5m


Mandible structures at the head with a kite-shaped body and long thin tail. Dark on top with white ventral area. Mouth ventral. Head is narrow.

General Info

Myliobatidae family consists of 7 genera and 42 species. Smaller than the Manta ray. Mouth position also different. Can form large schools. Also seen to breach. Tail is shorter than the body. Hunted for their skin, meat, cartilage and gill filter plates. Ovoviviparous. Young are born fully developed.


Filter feeders. Food includes plankton and fish larvae.


Occurs in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world.

© Johan Boshoff