Crowned Cormorant

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Crowned Cormorant.


Crowned cormorant (Phalacrocorax coronatus)




54 cm


The crowned cormorant is a marine version of the reed cormorant and recognised by its overall blacker appearance. The adult cormorant have a small crest on the head and a red face patch with a shorter tail than the reed cormorant. The immature birds are browner.

Crowned Cormorant Diet

The crowned cormorant forages for fish and invertebrates in shallow coastal waters.


The crowned cormorant prefers rocky coastlines, coastal islands and occasionally lagoons.

Crowned Cormorant Status

The crowned cormorant is a fairly common resident in South Africa.

Where they are found

It is found along the coast from August to April in great numbers but individuals may be spotted throughout the year in South Africa. They are very rarely found inland.