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Bushbaby (galagidae)
Lesser bushbaby (galago moholi)
Thick-tailed bushbaby (otolemur crassicaudatus)
Bushbabies, or galagos of Africa, are one of the smallest primates on the continent. Although they are rather common, they are difficult to spot due to being nocturnal. Their baby-like cries can often be heard during the night.

Are Bushbabies Territorial

By urinating into a cupped hand and then rubbing this on the feet, bushbabies spread their scent wherever they move....more

Fast Facts About the Lesser Bushbaby

Bushbabies are small nocturnal primates, which are predominantly insectivorous and enabled to catch their prey by an extremely well-developed sense of vision, hearing and jumping ability....more

Lesser Bushbaby

The lesser bushbaby occurs in South Africa in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, as well as in Botswana. As they are reliant on trees, their habitats are restricted to savannah woodlands, particularly woodlands of ......more

Thick-Tailed Bushbaby

Thick-tailed bushbaby prefers open woodlands or savannas as their habitat and can be found in the northeastern parts of South Africa....more

What Nocturnal Adaptions do Bushbabies Have?

Bushbabies have enormous eyes with expanding pupils that allow for the collection of light in poor light conditions....more