Brambles in South Africa
Fruit Farming in South Africa

In berry production, brambles usually refer to raspberries, blackberries and crosses of these such as tayberries and loganberries. 

The brambles plant is also a prickly shrub.

The main difference being raspberries and blackberries are raspberries separate from the torus (stem) during ripening, whereas with blackberries the stem stays. The stem leaves a hollow core in the raspberries but is eaten and processed with blackberries.

The torus of tayberries and loganberries, similar to blackberries, remain in the berry when picked. 

Commercial bramble production is still quite small in South Africa, but increasing due to the growing demand for healthy foods.

The plants generally form prickly bushes that need full sun and, depending on the variety, are trellised for the best production results. They do best in well-drained acidic soils of 5.6 - 6.2 pH.

By Glenneis Kriel


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