Bill Clinton on Mandela's Legacy

© Eric Miller

Common Humanity

Former United States President Bill Clinton paid tribute to Nelson Mandela during the 2007 Mandela birthday celebrations. Opening an exhibition commemorating Mandela and former ANC President Chief Albert Luthuli at the Nelson Mandela Foundation offices in Johannesburg, Clinton said that the most important part of Nelson Mandela's legacy was that the world's common humanity matters more than its differences.

'Our differences are wonderful, they make life more interesting, but our common humanity matters more. It is the most important part of his legacy because it's at the heart of every single problem that our children and grandchildren will face.' Mandela attended the event but did not make a speech.

Clinton said it was important for people across the world to remember and live by the practical implications of Mandela's legacy and not only its spirit. He said he tried to come to South Africa annually around the time of Mandela's birthday. 'I want to see my friend and because he's been the inspiration of much of what I've done.'

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