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Baboon (Papio sp.)


Equipped with a large set of canines, the baboon is a large primate that is mainly omnivorous. The baboon has a large and varied diet and ranges from grass, seeds, fruit, rhizomes, mushrooms, and eggs.

They also eat eggs, lizards, some insects, hares and sometimes prey on young antelopes and leopards found in South Africa. The Chacma baboon can virtually eat any part of a tree.

Where they are found

Baboons generally inhabit mountainous areas around South Africa. You can also find them in woodlands, semi-desert areas and sub alpine meadows found along the Drakensberg Mountains.

Preferring to spend time on the ground, baboons usually climb up trees for protection, food, sleeping or playing. They are also known to spend evenings among tall rocky outcrops. Two main species of baboon dominate Africa, the Chacma baboon from South Africa and the yellow baboon from East Africa.

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