Sea Chubs

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Sea Chubs can measure up to 70cm in length.


Chubs are oval-shaped and flat from either side. Their heads and mouths are small, and their entire bodies covered by small, rough scales. Their tail fins are forked or concave.

General Info

Sea Chubs belong to the Kyphosidae family which comprises of 15 genera and 42 species. They can be found over outer reefs and hard bottom areas, and are inquisitive and active. Their teeth are incisiform. Chubs form big schools when spawning, and are pelagic spawners. The name ‘rudderfish’ derives from their habit of following in the wake of boats.


Chubs feed on plant material such as seaweed and algae, yet some species are omnivorous and eat small invertebrates.


Sea Chubs can be found in all tropical and temperate oceans across the world.

Common Species

Chub - Kyphosus sydneyanus
Blue chub - Kyphosus cinerascens
Brassy chub - Kyphosus vaigiensis