Red-hot Poker

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Red-hot Poker.


Red-hot poker or torch lily (Kniphofia spp)

Red Hot Poker Description

The flower heads of the red-hot poker are a dull red-orange, but in summer turn yellow to green-yellow when they open. The flowering stem reaches about 1.5 m in height and carries inflorescence of thin, tubular flowers. Its leaves are about 1 m in length. The flowers of the red-hot poker is its most prominent feature as they are perfectly arranged.

Red Hot Poker Habitat

The red-hot poker can be found in South Africa growing in the marshes and grassvelds of the Western Cape, stretching as far as Limpopo Province.

Field Notes

This indigenous South African plant can now be seen in many parts of the world. There is a demand for its beautiful, showy flowers and their longevity thereof.
There are a number of poker species including Kniphofia linearifolia, K. uvaria, K multiflora and K. caulescens.

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