'Place of the Tall One'

Howick is in the heart of the uMngeni Municipal region in the Midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, within easy reach of both Pietermaritzburg and the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg, one of South Africa's World Heritage Sites. 

©Jacques Marais
Howick Falls at 95 meters, is the second highest in South Africa.

The approximately, 95m high Howick Falls, is almost in the centre of the picturesque town and are known to the Zulu people as KwaNogqaza or ‘Place of the Tall One’. This name refers to the dramatic Howick Falls, the waterfall first seen by Europeans in the early 19th century and now almost in the centre of town. Howick is set in the wondrous landscape carved by the many tributaries of the Umgeni River en route to the Indian Ocean, thus making for a scenic setting amidst the many natural gorges and hills.

It was established in the 1850s as a trading post at the then ford across the Umgeni River and was named for the British Colonial Secretary, Earl Grey, who had subsequently acquired the title of Lord Howick. Interestingly enough, the village was the place where Nelson Mandela was arrested in August 1962 and the Nelson Mandela Capture Monument’s stunning optical illusion is well worth a visit.

This picturesque village is a favourite out-of-towner destination for city slickers, and is therefore abuzz with an array of quaint and inviting taverns, cafes and restaurants.

Did You Know? Legend has it that a serpent-like monster - Inkhanyamba in the Zulu language – frequents the pool below Howick Falls. This giant apparently sports a horse-like head and, when angered, can cause thunder and lightning to strafe the region.

By Jacques Marais

Cycling Howick

Single-track delight is the name of the Howick mountain biking game. The grading is difficult – rough, tough mountain biking – not for novices. Allow 4 hours. The grading is moderate and duration 2 - 3 hours....more

History of Howick and Howick Falls

In the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, just 1 048 m above sea level and midway between the sea and Drakensberg lies the town of Howick. The green, well-watered area is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of Southern Africa....more

Howick Activities

Howick Falls is a spectacular, yet easily accessible, sports-climbing venue, right on the verge of the thundering falls. If you’re looking for something wilder, head to Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve to find ‘Glamorous Fool’ or ‘Tower of Power’....more

Howick Waterfalls

The Howick Falls are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The Falls are approx. 95 m high and almost at the centre of the town. The town started around the Mngeni River and Howick Falls in the 19th century...more

Karkloof Nature Reserve in Howick

Although less well known than the Howick Falls (93 m), the Karkloof Falls are in fact significantly higher, and as such they are the highest in the well-watered KwaZulu-Natal Midlands....more

Midmar Game Reseve Accommodation

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