Agriculture and Food Security
Food Security in South Africa

So far, there has been a bias towards thinking that food security is only about production, so when policy makers think about how to address food insecurity, it is invariably the departments of agriculture or water affairs that get handed the issue. 

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Wheat harvest in the Overberg, South Africa.

And the conversation is usually in terms of how climate change will impact on growing conditions for plants, land reform policies or skills transfer to emerging farmers.

When a city designs its food security policy, it might well put all its resources into rolling out food gardens but might not pause to think about how school feeding schemes or the distribution of nutrient supplements in the form of sprinkles might be a far better way of spending the budget.

The fact that South Africa’s Integrated Food Security Strategy falls within the ambit of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is telling, in terms of the government viewing food security as a matter of production and farming, rather than a broader and more cross-cutting issue.

Although the tendency to focus only on production is a skewed and incomplete view of the picture that is food security, it is still important to consider agriculture and food production. South Africa Online ® discusses the business of farming, covering topics such as the effects of weather and economic fluctuations on farms, the political climate for South African farmers and making sure enough food is produced to keep the nation fed.

By Leonie Joubert

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