Avocados in South Africa
Fruit Farming in South Africa

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South African avocados are used fresh, for avocado oil and to make guacamole from avocado pulp. This cultivar is Feurte.

South Africa is an important producer and exporter of avocados in the world. South Africa supplies avocados from the southern hemisphere when production in the northern hemisphere is limited as well as to a growing local market. About half of South Africa’s avocado production is exported, mainly to Europe.

A nutritious fruit - rich in healthy plant oils and vitamins - avocados are mainly eaten fresh but are also processed into avocado oil and avocado pulp, commonly used for guacamole. The main avocado production areas in South Africa are in the subtropical regions of the northern provinces.

By Marinda Louw

Avocado Production

South Africa is one of the world’s major avocado producers at around the 12th spot, yet its annual production of between 80 000 and 120 000 tonnes trail far behind top-producer Mexico’s 1.5 million tonnes....more

Avocado Products

Avocados are mostly eaten fresh in its natural form but can be processed to produce oil and pulp. In 2018, South African production of avocados was around 170 000 tonnes, of which half (86 000 tonnes) were exported to Europe and the UK....more

Avocado Seasons

Due to the limited season for the availability of avocados in South Africa, many private producers have developed cultivars to extend the harvest season....more

About Avocados

A versatile and nutritious fruit, avocados are produced in the humid, subtropical regions of South Africa, most notably the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces during the months of March to September....more

Harvesting and Ripening of Avocados

It is important to know that avocados do not ripen while on the tree, but must be picked in order to facilitate ripening. For the best eating quality, avocados must have an oil content of at least 10 per cent. Maturity tests are done before harvesting...more

How to Farm Avocados

In South Africa, certain areas are suitable for highly productive avocado farming, provided the climatic conditions are suitable. These areas include the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces, as well as certain parts of KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, and Wester...more

South African Avocado Cultivars

Some of South African avocado cultivars are more prone to certain diseases and others may vary in terms of nutritional requirements, while orchard practices such as pruning, post-harvest handling of cultivars are similar....more