Field Crops in South Africa

© Glenneis Kriel
Canola is primarily produced in the southern Cape and Swartland.

Because of the huge variation in climatic conditions, field crop production in South Africa may be divided into two main categories, namely summer crops and winter cereals.

The most important summer crops are maize, soybeans, sunflower seed, groundnuts and sorghum, which are produced in the summer rainfall regions.
The most important winter cereals are wheat, malting barley and canola. Wheat is produced throughout the country, but the Western Cape, which falls in the winter rainfall region, accounts for almost half the area under production and is in effect the biggest contributor to the overall production.


Buckwheat is a flowering plant and not related to wheat. Its flowers produce tiny seeds that can be eaten and ground to produce flour. Buckwheat has once more started to attract the attention of consumers keen on gluten-free grains....more


Although canola is a summer crop in temperate and cool parts of the world, it is primarily produced as a winter crop in South Africa. The Western Cape, in effect, accounts for almost two-thirds of Africa’s total canola seed production....more

Conservation Farming and Grain Production

Growing awareness over the importance of healthy soil has resulted in a growing number of farmers making use of conservation farming practices....more


Hemp can be used as food (high protein hemp flour and hemp oil), as fibres for clothing and industrial textiles, in animal feed, for medicinal uses such as CBD-oil and part of industrial applications including building materials and paints....more

Herbicide Application

For the best results, herbicides should be applied according to the instructions, with products with the same mode of action being rotated, with other products to prevent the development of herbicide resistance....more


Maize is one of the most important summer crops produced in South Africa, since white maize is one of our main dietary staples and yellow maize is the primary energy source in feed rations used for poultry and dairy production....more

Selling Cereal Crops

It is difficult to reduce your risks when producing a crop, such as canola or barley, where the market is dominated by single buyers....more

Small Grain Diseases

Small grains, such as wheat, barley, oats and triticale are affected by various diseases that may either affect yields or the quality of the crop....more

Stone Ground Flour

Stone ground flour is nothing new, but dates back to ancient Egyptian times when grains were crushed with a stone mortar or with a saddle stone, where the grain was crushed in a stone bowl by rolling a cylindrical stone over it....more

Summer Crops in South Africa

The most important summer crops are maize, soybeans, sunflower seed, groundnuts and sorghum....more

Weed Management in Grain Production

Weeds need to be managed carefully to prevent them from causing production losses, by overshadowing your crop and competing for resources such as water and soil nutrients....more


Wheat evolved from wild grasses more than 10 000 years ago in areas now occupied by Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran....more

Winter Cereals in South Africa

The most important winter cereals are wheat, canola and malting barley, with the majority of these produced in the winter rainfall area of South Africa – the Western Cape....more