Wild Verbena


Wild verbena or broad-leaved pentanisia (Pentanisia prunelloides)


The wild verbena carries their flowers in a globe shaped inflorescence about 30mm wide. The colour of the flowers vary from a light to a dark blue. This hairy plant grows about 400 mm high and may have one or more stems, with its leaves growing at its base. It blooms from August to December.


In South Africa, wild verbena can be found in the Eastern Cape and stretches to Tanzania. It prefers rocky grassveld as its habitat.


This plant pioneers germination after a veld fire through its hardy seeds.

Field Notes

Wild verbena flowers are pollinated by moths and butterflies. These insects are the only ones which can reach the pollen at the bottom of the long, tubular flowers by using their long tongues.
This plant is used in remedies to afflictions such as fever, swellings and heartburn.