Wild Dagga

© Roger de la Harpe


Wild Dagga or Lions Tail (Leonotis leonurus)

Wild Dagga Description

Wild dagga flowers are orange and tubular in shape. They grow in dense heads the size of a golf ball. The flower is divided into two lips, one which covers the stamens and a small lower lip.

Wild Dagga blooms during summer and autumn, and sunbirds feed on the flowers’ nectar. Its leaves grow in pairs and vary in width, are spikey and often hairy. This plant is a sparse shrub with long, four-angled stems that cross one another. Wild dagga is not to be confused with real dagga, as it is smoked to relief certain ailments.

Wild Dagga Habitat

Wild dagga can be found in South Africa in Limpopo and the Kruger National Park. It prefers savannah and dense bush or shrub as its habitat.

Field Notes

This plant has medicinal properties and is used by certain cultures for a variety of purposes including pains, colds, flu and acne. It is also known to help type 2 diabetes, epilepsy, constipation and hemorrhoids.

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