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Latin Name

Watsonia transvaalensis


The Watsonia of South Africa has four long sword-shaped leaves that can grow up to 90 cm in length. The lowest leaf is usually the longest one. The plant has a depressed corm, which grows upon several older corms. It is a fast growing hardy plant.


The Watsonia produces up to 16 flowers, which may vary in shape and colour. All petals have a pink line running down the centre. The petals display colours from pink to terracotta. In South Africa, the flowering period occurs from October to November.


The Watsonia favours well watered grassveld areas of the Northern Province of South Africa.

Field Notes

The Watsonia is named after the 18th-century botanist Sir William Watson. The Watsonia are in full bloom during the summer in South Africa and create spectacular landscapes in the countryside.

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