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Scorpionfish (Scorpaenopsis)


Stingers or Reef Stonefish


Scorpionfish measure about 30cm on average, but can be as long as 40cm.

Scorpionfish Identification

Scorpionfish have flattened heads, bony plates for protection and big mouths located at the front of their heads. They are characterised by their camouflage which varies according to the environment and can be red, brown, orange, yellow, beige and white in colour.

Scorpionfish General Info

Scorpionfish belong to the Scorpaenopsis family which comprises of 26 species. They occur on coral reefs, lying very still and camouflaging with its colours. When disturbed or alarmed they flash their inner pectoral fins, and catch their prey by sucking it into their mouths. A sting from the scorpionfish can be very painful, but not deadly. These fish are mistaken for a stonefish and are pelagic spawners.

Scorpionfish Feeding

Scorpionfish feed on small fish and invertebrates.


They occur in all temperate and tropical oceans across the world.

Common Species

Devil scorpionfish
Scorpaenopsis diabolus
False stonefish
Centrogenys vaigiensis
Raggy scorpionfish
Scorpaenopsis venosa