Lebombo Aloe


Lebombo Aloe (Aloe spicata)


The Lebombo aloe blooms during wintertime. It carries its yellow, tubular flowers in a spear-like shape on a thick stem. This aloe has short stems with narrow, band-like leaves that are light green or reddish-brown in colour when exposed to full sun. The leaves are lined on the edges with sharp teeth and contain a yellowish, slimy sap.

Due to the moisture the plant holds it survives well in droughts. Its sap has been used as a remedy to stomach ailments for many centuries. The Lebombo aloe protects itself from being grazed by its barbarous thorns and bitter sap.


The Lebombo aloe can be found in South Africa growing on the cliffs and rocks of Mpumalanga and Limpopo. This species is under protection in the Kruger National Park. It also occurs in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

Field Notes

This aloe grows in a variety of substrates and geological areas. It can be found in grasslands and mountains, and it is commonly seen.