The Venda
South African Culture

Venda culture has arisen from diverse origins. Many Venda see themselves as traditionalists, but their culture has been very dynamic and adaptable. 

©Dr Peter Magubane
Venda women during an initiation ceremony.

In the past, they controlled a vast area in the north of South Africa. Today, as a result of land seizure by white settlers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the apartheid policies from the 1960s, they are centred in the north-east, mainly around Louis Trichardt and Sibasa in Northern Province. Groups are also found in south-eastern Zimbabwe. Fanciful theories have been used to explain the origins of the Venda, but recent evidence has revealed them to be an amalgam of groups.

Music and Dance in Venda Culture

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Political Organisation of the Venda

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The Diverse Origins of the Venda

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The Position of Women in Venda Culture

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Venda Initiation

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