Sprawling Duneweed


Sprawling Duneweed or Kinkelbos

Latin Name

Tetragonia fruticosa

Related Species

The Sea Spinach [Tetragonia decumbens] looks similar but has three winged fruit and grows smaller.


The sprawling duneweed is a sprawling plant with red stems and succulent flat oval leaves. The flowers it bears are very small with a crown of yellow stamens. Leave size 20 mm in length. The leaves and fruit are covered with swollen cells which give it a glistening appearance, which is thought to help reduce water loss in its dry habitat.


The sprawling duneweed is a colonising plant and grows abundantly. It can be found on the foredunes along the coasts in South Africa.


The fruit is four winged.

Field Notes

Besides being one of the best dune stabilisers, it is also a food and moisture source for grazing game and livestock in South Africa.