South African Silver Jewellery
Soul Reflections of Silver

South African silver jewellery is an exquisite adornment that compliments any fashionable outfit of any colour. The most reflective element in nature, silver has unmistakably lustrous qualities. Highly mutable, it’s been used throughout the ages to craft items of incredible beauty, significance and value.

Local South African silver jewellery designers favour the use of silver in their creations, as it truly works with any skin tone and colour palette. Believed to be a mirror to the soul, silver’s radiance and versatility have won the hearts of seekers, lovers and jewellery collectors alike.

Browse’s selection of premium South African silver jewellery to buy - such as silver earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces - for one that mirrors your soul’s desires.

Classic Silver Collection

This necklace breaks the boundaries of conventional norms and stands out with a clear and purposeful design....more

Male Silver Jewellery Collection

A solid square face contrasts the seamless circle of a ring and accommodates pieces of the Robben Island prison fence embedded in it. Cufflinks form part of the finer details of a well-dressed man....more

New Age Cross Necklace

The designer of this cross-like necklace has taken careful consideration in juxtaposing the materials featured. Be a part of something bigger than yourself and wear your faith on your chest with this one-of-a-kind piece....more

Silver Bracelet

Carefully crafted from the finest African sterling silver, the design leads to a centre point with an obscure object....more

Silver Continent Necklace

An outline of the African continent strapped to a solid silver necklace featuring original Robben Island prison fencing gives rise to an exceptional piece of jewellery....more

Silver Continental Earrings

Elegantly finished with a matte texture in pure sterling silver, each stud has a 0.05 ct diamond which rests at the heart of South Africa....more

Silver Cuff Bangle

Crafted from pieces of the Robben Island prison fence and skillfully meshed together in silver....more

Silver Elephant Earrings

Elegantly poised in rhodium-plated silver, each earring features a 0.05 ct diamond eye....more

Silver Fence Ring

A large piece of Robben Island’s prison fence is exquisitely designed, encrusted in sterling silver and garnished with five diamonds from Princess Diamonds....more

Silver Half Moon Collection

The design focuses on the sleek rhodium-plated sterling silver band coupled with a half moon design...more

Silver Mountain Collection

A true masterpiece handcrafted from the finest rhodium-plated sterling silver, the bracelet gives rise to one of South Africa’s most majestic marvels....more

Silver Robben Island Ring

As they stand bold and resolute, they remind one of the struggles that Nelson Mandela faced during his time of incarceration....more

Silver Sticks Necklace

Africa is all about diversity, and the designer brings African heritage to life with this 55 cm sterling silver necklace....more

Silver Table Mountain Collection

Simply unforgettable, this one-of-a-kind piece captures the majesty of the mountain that overlooks the city of Cape Town....more

Sterling Silver Africa Earrings

The designer behind these hand-twisted sterling silver earrings uses pieces of the same fence to mark a rough border on the African continent, finding justice for those who were wronged....more

Sterling Silver Circle Earrings

A contemporary design contrasts the historic undertones of these sterling silver earrings. Made with unique pieces of the Robben Island prison fence, they offer symbolic reconciliation to those who were wronged during the apartheid era....more

Sterling Silver Collection

Firmly set with an iconic, picturesque landscape, this ring stands the test of time....more

Traditional Silver Pendant

Exquisitely crafted from the finest silver, this necklace takes shape and comes to rest in harmony on the neck. It garnishes any outfit with touches of unique spice and colour that simply can’t be duplicated...more