Services of Seedling Growers Association of SA

©Marinda Louw

The Seedling Growers’ Association of South Africa (SGASA) acts primarily as a mouthpiece for the seedling growing industry of the country. They provide aid for common problems facing the sector, and act as liaison between the various roleplayers, groups and growers in the industry.

Seedling Growers' Association of South Africa (SGASA) serves as an instrument of negotiation in protecting the interests of the seedling industry. They invest in the research and development of the sector through a dynamic research program to ensures the research is up to date and factual.

SGASA’s recent research projects have provided the industry with information about algae control, root diseases, nutrition and the use of plant growth regulators (PGRs), as well as vegetable seed pathology and the best seedling farming practices.

Seedling Growers' Association of South Africa continually updates its research, assisted by local and international field experts, presentations on nursery trends and innovations.

The Seedling Growers' Association of South Africa association's rigorous certification scheme serves to add quality and value to individual nurseries in the seedling growing industry. The certification is performed by a plant pathologist who is knowledgeable about the industry and certified nurserymen have noted the certification process as a useful tool in improving their nurseries. The benchmark for the certification is, however, strictly confidential.

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