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Latin Name

Scaevola plumieri

Description of Seeplakkie

This small evergreen woody shrub grows clusters of waxy, tough oval-shaped leaves. The small fan-shaped flowers are white and it bears small purple berry-like fruit.

The shrub grows up to 1 m tall with 40 mm leaves. The seeplakkie is a small, waxy evergreen shrub that grows small white flowers. In South Africa, it bears small purple berries. Size: Leaves 40 mm, shrub 1 m tall.


The seeplakkie grows along the coastal dunes around South Africa and acts as a stabiliser.

Similar Species

The Salsola nollothensis, which grows in Port Nolloth and northwards, also creates vital hummock dunes. It's tough woody stem and tightly packed leaves help withstand the dry arid conditions and salt spray faced in this environment.

Field Notes

The seeplakkie has an extensive root network throughout the sand dune, which aids in stabilising the shifting sands. The thick waxy leaves is an adaptation to help prevent water loss in the harsh dune environment.

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