SA Olive

The South African Olive Industry Association, also known as SA Olive, is widely acknowledged as the collective representative body for all sectors in the Olive Industry in South Africa.

With its origin in the South African Olive Growers Association (SAOGA), which was established in 1965, SA Olive succeeded SAOGA in 2004 and is now a distinguished association acting on the shared interests of various role players in the Olive Industry.

Olives are traditionally grown in a Mediterranean climate, which consists of relatively cool winters where frost seldom occurs, hot dry summers and an average annual rainfall of around 800 mm. The most popular olive varieties currently planted in South African soil are Mission, Kalamata, Barouni and Frantoio. Each of these varieties is used for a specific olive product, either for eating olives, olive oil, or canned olives.

SA Olive members comprise of olive growers, olive oil producers, table olive producers, tree nurseries and olive importers. SA Olive strives to provide growth and development for these members within the olive industry through its commitment to encourage the use of quality locally produced Olive Oil. 

The association represents the interests of relevant stakeholders and members and provide assistance on various levels such as liaising with governmental and agricultural departments, acting as a collective mouthpiece for the industry and setting exceptional standards through the SA Olive Seal.


South African olive producers focus on premium quality products, such as extra virgin olive oil and diversify their product range with value-added olive oil products,...more