Peter Magubane Receives the Order of Meritorious Service Silver Class II From President Nelson Mandela

© Dr Peter Magubane
Peter Magubane receives the Order of Meritorious Service Silver Class II from President Nelson Mandela in 1999.

Peter Magubane is a renowned photojournalist that captured many apartheid struggles, such as the June 16 1967 Soweto Uprisings and the 1976 Alexandra Uprisings.

He later became the official photographer of Nelson Mandela, a position he held for 15 years. Magubane and Madiba had a close relationship, with their children growing up together and attending family functions together.

In 1999, Magubane received the Order of Meritorious Service Silver Class II from President Mandela. “For his bravery and courage during the dark days of apartheid, Peter became a beacon of hope not only to the thousands of journalists from all over the world but also to millions of people across our country.

His commitment to photojournalism helped pave the way to transformation in South Africa, and such efforts are, needless to say, worthy of international recognition”.

“To deny people their human rights is to deny their very humanity.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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