Madiba Laughs As His Shoe Comes Off While Kicking a Soccer Ball

© Dr Peter Magubane
Madiba laughs as his shoe comes off while kicking a soccer ball.

©Dr Peter Magubane
Mandela was beloved by his supporters and a symbol of freedom for all. He is often seen as a godlike figure in South Africa, and was perceived as a pillar of strength and hope in black communities. He had many responsibilities and obligations to fulfil such as formal meetings and interviews that called for a composed, respectable Nelson Mandela.

©Dr Peter Magubane
Fortunately, he was able to attend many informal events and let his light-hearted side show. At such an event, the African National Congress (ANC) supporters surrounded their leader as he kicked a soccer ball and accidentally lost his shoe. He laughed as he enjoyed a relaxed moment amidst the array of formal proceedings that followed his release from prison.

“Sometimes, it falls upon a generation to be great." ~ Nelson Mandela

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