Mapungubwe on the Banks of the Limpopo River

Poachers Corner

'Poachers Corner' is a strip of road that runs flush along the banks of the Limpopo. It was once used to patrol the heavily defended border between South Africa and Zimbabwe, and is a testament to the nasty bush war that raged on both sides of the river. Before that, it was a favourite crossing point for poachers who wanted to do a spot of illegal shooting in Zim. 

©Roger de la Harpe

In recent years, things have settled down and the mood along the river is sleepy. Several old military buildings are slowly crumbling into the earth, and local Zimbabwean fisherfolk from nearby villages regularly walk down to the water to get the catch of the day. A small gate in the border fence gives you your only chance to walk to the edge of the Limpopo, where you can wave at the fishermen and take in the scene. It’s beautiful. Just don’t go for a swim or you might become an illegal person in Zimbabwe.

By David Fleminger