Knysna Elephant Park's Natural History

Elephants of the Garden Route

Apart from trees, the Garden Route was also once home of the Elephants, great herds of them roaming through the woody plains and green forests. 

©Roger de la Harpe

When the white settlers arrived, however, the shy elephants were forced into the dense, dripping foliage by the human onslaught. Their self-imposed exile didn’t help matters, sadly, and their numbers were eviscerated over the years by hunters and deforestation.

Today, there is only one small group of wild Knysna elephants still roaming the deep forest. Sometimes, this little family group of between 3 and 5 pachyderms can be glimpsed around Jubilee Creek, and the latest news is that one of them has calved. Otherwise, the Knysna elephants have become yet another part of our natural history.

By David Fleminger

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