Suggested Itinerary Day 1
Kalahari Red Dune Route

Cape Town – Upington - Askham

After arriving in Upington, you take a drive out to the small Kalahari town of Askham where you visit Khomani San Sisen Crafts. Sisen, in the ancient /N’u language of the region, means ‘we work’.

©Roger de la Harpe
San Art engraving on Ostrich Egg.

Sisen provides the local community with welcome opportunity not only to work for an income, but also to practice and develop the ancient tradition of crafting, using mostly indigenous materials. Though not identical to the items made by previous generations, all crafts produced are traditionally inspired.

Designs often tell a story, and the crafts are strong and durable. Because all items are hand-made, no two are identical.

For those seeking a simpler interaction with the Kalahari desert and its people and that enjoy it is possible to enter the contract Park through the community's gate go for a guided walk with a ‡Khomani San guide.