South African Indigenous Fruits

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A study found the indigenous South African fruit, the wild plum (Harpephyllum caffrum) to have more antioxidants than cranberries and blueberries.

South African Indigenous fruits are fruits that are found in the wild, but are also commercially grown to be eaten fresh or processed into products such as jams or drinks. It is one of the main options in times of hunger and nutritional deficiency in Southern Africa.

Studies have shown that harvesting fruits from the wild and from the semi-domesticated trees growing on farms can boost rural employment. In addition, processing indigenous fruit into jams and juices can create an extra income.

Native edible wild fruits can help prevent food insecurity (not having enough food), especially ‘hidden hunger’ - a lack of nutrients and vitamins.

Antioxidant Levels of Indigenous Fruit

An interesting study evaluated ten indigenous South African fruits for their antioxidant activity and compared the results with blueberry an...more

Evil Medlar Fruit High in Vitamin C

Wild medlar (Vangueria infausta) has common names; wildemispel, Mmilo, Muzwilu, Mavelo, Umviyo, Mpfilwa, Umtulwa, Mothwanye, Umvile and Aman...more

Kei Apple Fruit - Juicy Fruit and Thorny Border

Kei apple (Dovyalis caffra) is also called appelkoosdoring, Umgokolo, Amagokolo, wild apricot, um-Qokolo, Umkokola, Dingaan’s apricot and ...more

Marula More Than Liqueur

Sclerocarya caffra or marula’s common names include Inkanyi, marula, Umganu, mufula and morula. The marula tree is a medium to large decid...more

Mobola Plum Fruit is Delicious

Mobola plum (Parinari curatellifolia) is also known as the hissing tree, grysappel or bosappel, Mmola, Mbulwa, Mobola, Muvhula and Umkhuna....more

Monkey Orange - From Music to Wines

Wood is used for carving and timber while the bark, root or unripe fruit are used against snake bite due to the presence of strychnine. Crus...more

Most Important South African Indigenous Fruit Crops

According to the Department: Agriculture, Forestries and Fisheries (DAFF) these are considered the most important South African indigenous ...more

Num Nums are Yum Yum

The num num is a spiky-stemmed, glossy leaf shrub with fragrant white star-shaped flowers and sweet tasting red fruit and is native to the c...more

Salty Sour Fig Gives Good Jam

Carpobrotus edulis is known as the humble sour fig, Cape fig, ghaukum, ghoenavy, Kaapse vy, perdevy, rankvy, suurvy, ikhambi-lamabulawo or u...more

Sourplum Valuable Eating Plant

This 3,5 cm red-orange juicy fruit is called Ximenia caffra but is also known by its common names sourplum, groot suurpruim, umThunduluka-ob...more