Global Warming

Global Warming is the buzzword of the 21st century, that interests scientists and scares ordinary citizens - has man tampered with nature to a self-destructive point?

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The earth is warming, nature is rapidly changing across the world and life as we know it is becoming increasingly unsteady. tells the stories of those non-complicit life forms, such as animals, plants and marine life, whose very existence is threatened by the effects of fossil-fuel pollution, greenhouse gasses and natural cycles of global warming. The website takes a closer look at when global warming awareness first surfaced, man’s catalyzation of climate change, and the first action taken against global warming.

Animals and Global Warming

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of wildlife from various ecosystems. As the environment around the animals change, due to due global warming, species need to adapt to survive....more

Effetcs of Global Warming

Arctic sea ice has thinned by 40 percent during the late summer and early autumn months and the loss of sea ice is posing a dire threat to the survival of polar bears, seals and Inuit communities....more

Global Warming Milestones

The seventies were about the rise of Black Consciousness and the death of Steve Biko; the Soweto riots; John Vorster and PW Botha; rural removals; independence for Mozambique and Angola, the arrival of television and the reign of Springbok Radio; disco an...more

Long term Climate Change

Since different parts of the planet enjoy different kinds of weather, how climate change manifests itself will be different in each region....more

Man Made Global Warming

There may be reason to believe that our interference with the atmosphere goes back thousands of years before industrialisation began....more

Mankind and Global Warming

The cycles of the earth and its environment is in constant flux. Climate has changed more times than you can count on both hands. Species have moved and colonised since the dawn of life....more

The Debate on Global Warming

An opposing argument to global warming maintains that the scientific community and environmental activists have bought into global warming because of the financial benefits - it has become a global industry....more

The First Action Taken Against Global Warming

The year 1981 was declared the warmest on record and the scientific community entered the 1980s by calling on governments to take action....more