Mankind and Global Warming

© Nigel Dennis
Seasonal cycles alter the landscape of the Richtersveld National Park, Northern Cape.

The cycles of the earth and its environment is in constant flux. Climate has changed more times than you can count on both hands. Species have moved and colonised since the dawn of life. Humans have simply accelerated the process. The bad news is that this could result in our own extinction, as well as that of many of the species co-existing with us. But even that is part of the natural ticking over of things. Every species dies out eventually. dives into human activity around the world and how it has affected climate change. It also looks at the catalyzation of global warming due to industrialisation, oil wars and emission of greenhouse gasses.

By Leonie Joubert

Climate Change Agreement

In 1992, representatives of over 120 countries gathered in Rio de Janeiro where they acknowledged that the climatic system is a shared global resource. By signing the United Nations Framework...more

Fossil Fuels

The mass burning of fossil fuels started in the mid-1700s, but it was mostly coal that pulled side by side with wood in the harness of industrialisation. It was only towards the 1850s that commercial exploitation of oil wells...more

Human Activity and Climate Change

As for the individual, what can you do to lessen global warming? Scientists have murmured that it is pointless to go out of your way to switch off unnecessary lights at home and do similar energy-saving exercises....more

South Africa's Role in Global Warming

South Africa is responsible for roughly half of Africa's total greenhouse gas emissions with an energy-intensive economy and the cheap, dirty coal firing the power stations....more

The World and Climate Change

The United States and China are the two biggest greenhouse gases emitters. The US is an Annex country and China a non-Annex country....more

United States' Demand for Oil

As dependent on oil as a junkie is on crack, the United States' demand for oil has skewed its game in the field of geopolitics, a bias that has resulted in two US incursions into Iraq....more