Our Environment
South Africa

Our environment is a complex mix of physical, chemical and biological factors that influence us and ultimately determines our form of survival. The environment is made up of many facets, that are interlinked often in baffling ways.

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Here, SouthAfrica.co.za offers a series of comprehensive and substantiated information on many environmental issues. SouthAfrica.co.za offers topics on climate change, food security and conservation all specific to South Africa.

Learn how local people are affected by the past and current changes that are occurring across the globe. Some changes are natural and some are man-made. Earth is not a static planet, not only does it spin on its own axis but it changes temperature, shifts continents, creates mountains, then erodes them into pebbles, and reshuffles where the oceans flow.

All these changes occur naturally over time and impact our local environment and habitats. Then on top of nature doing its own thing, there is humankind who wants to alter their environment to suit their own needs.

Divert water from one area to another, plant trees where naturally they have no business being. We clear large swathes of forest to build cities or to manufacture biofuels. We clear the bush to plant mealies to feed our families.

We alter the landscape around us to provide food and shelter, yet in doing so sometimes threaten other species’ habitats and lives or even other humans livelihoods and homes. Here you will find articles explaining the effects these changes have on South Africa.

People are becoming more conscious and knowledgeable about the environment in which they live, and with more and more people using social media global issues are becoming better known from all over the planet. But it is often easier to salve your conscience and say its not my concern when it is far away from home and from people that you know.

At South Africa Online ® we want to bring these issues home to you.

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