Plants and Climate Change

Substantial changes in temperatures and climate change have affected all ecosystems in South Africa. 

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From the burning fynbos in the Cape Floral Kingdom to shrinking population of quiver trees in Namaqualand, South Africa’s biodiversity is under threat. Records of species migration, droughts, increased veld fires and dying flora indicate the severe imbalance many ecosystems now face.

Changing Landscapes Due to Climate Change

Professor William Bond of the University of Cape Town's botany department has been unearthing how trees work in the KwaZulu-Natal savannah....more

Marion Island Plant life: Azorella Selago

Azorella selago, a curious cushion-like plant, has already assisted scientists in understanding how climate change will shape the plant life...more

Problems Awaiting Fynbos and Fire

The next 50 to 100 years could see mountain fynbos unable to retreat any further up slopes to cool refugia, and pockets of rare species coul...more

Quiver Tree and Succulent Research

However, climatic conditions are not always conducive to germination so a crop of youngsters may only appear and survive every few years whe...more

Renosterveld of the Cape Fold Mountains

Renosterveld was once common on the west and south coast lowlands of the Cape until Homo sapiens arrived with their guns, plough shears, whe...more

Succulents in the Karoo

The desert is home to scrubby vegetation that seldom reaches above knee-height and the summers stretch into endless, parched months....more

The Cape Floral Kingdom, South Africa

The Cape Floral Kingdom is the smallest of all the botanical kingdoms and the only one to occur entirely on a single continent....more

Wonders of the Renosterveld

Two things typify the bulbs of the Renosterveld - the highly localised home ranges of many species, and the custom-designed nature of their ...more