South African Indigenous Food Crops

South Africa is blessed with thousands of useful plants, many used in the daily lives of millions of South Africans to provide nourishment to both humans and animals. These plants are being rediscovered and researched as a means to diversify the South African diet and provide sustainable income. is providing well-researched content in all 11 South Africa languages to allow for all citizens to plant, harvest and enjoy the bounty of indigenous South Africa fruit, grains and vegetables.

Benefits and Challenges of Indigenous Food Crops

Can provide an additional income for rural communities where wild fruit trees are abundant....more

Guide to Indigenous Food Crops in South Africa

Indigenous South African food crops refer to crops that have their origin in South Africa as well as crops that were introduced into the country and are now considered...more

Indigenous Crops and Nutrition in South Africa

On a national scale South Africa produces enough food, in fact, the country is also a net exporter of most food crops. Despite this, 14 million people in South Africa...more

South African Indigenous Fruits

South African Indigenous fruits are fruits that are found in the wild, but are also commercially grown to be eaten fresh or processed into products...more