Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve

In a true model of ecotourism, Tswalu Kalahari offers guests the opportunity to participate in one of the most ambitious conservation programs in Africa, which seeks to rehabilitate, protect and maintain our unique environment.

A Kalahari black-maned lion with cubs in Tswalu.

Dedicated to restoring the Kalahari to itself and uplifting the local community, Tswalu is committed to leaving our world a better place for future generations, and to building sustainable and prosperous societies.

This inspirational legacy redefines the safari encounter, community engagement as well as the guest experience, and includes ongoing research and conservation of our vast undiscovered wilderness, making it a haven for some of Africa’s most endangered species.

Each guest contributes directly to the sustainability of the reserve while being exposed to the wonders of the Kalahari ecosystem through a variety of guided experiences, which include game viewing from a vehicle or on foot, nature walks, horse riding, bird watching and visiting the habituated meerkat colonies.

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