Tips for Diving and Snorkeling in SA

Plan Ahead

©Johan Boshoff
©Roger de la Harpe

Diving and snorkeling in South Africa offer marine enthusiasts everything they could possibly want from their time spent in the deep - pristine water, unexplored reefs and lots of underwater activity. When it comes to planning your oceanic experience, it is key to ensure you have every aspect of your trip covered.

Whether you are snorkeling in shallow water, diving in the deep ocean or opting for a shark cage diving experience, here are a few tips to get the ball rolling:

Hurriedly booking a dive with the first company you find online is a big no-no. Do proper research before you decide where to dive - find a reputable company that offers diving lessons with safety guidelines in check to ensure you have a fun, safe experience. If you are diving, you’ll need a proper wetsuit that’s fitted your body. Snorkeling usually does not require one, but if you are on the West Coast, it might be warmer with one.

Another important factor is getting the right equipment. Usually, diving companies rent them out, so be sure to ask about it when you make your booking. If you prefer to bring your own kit, make sure that it is serviced and working properly. You wouldn't want to be stranded at the bottom of the ocean with a faulty oxygen tank! 

Dive and snorkel responsibly. The ocean consists of unique and sensitive ecosystems that should not be disturbed by human activity. Do not startle the marine life by being aggressive or grabbing at them - respect the big blue! 

By Carla Lottering