The Marimba

Local ensemble Marimba Xplosion.
Ensemble Marimba Xplosion performing, with Banzi Tema on marimba.

The jubilant expression of the marimba is a popular sound heard amongst South Africans. Street performers hit the marimba enthusiastically as tourists pass by; choirs make use of the instrument when indigenous African songs are sung. It is used by various outreach organisations to teach underprivileged children music.

The pure, joyful sounds of the marimba are synonymous with the vibrancy of South Africa. The instrument is a symbol of the country’s tenacity and colourful heritage. It has a rich history, dating back to the 14th century when it was a rudimentary ensemble of wooden blocks with one leg and different pitches.

By Carla Lottering

Banzi Tema: Marimba Maestro

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