South African Fruit Juice Association

The South African Fruit Juice Association (SAFJA), established in 2011,  represents processing and packaging companies for fruit juice concentrates, pulps and purees, fruit juices, nectars and beverages that operate in local and export markets.

South African Fruit Juice Association supports free and fair trade, equal opportunity and a sustainable business environment. They regularly engage with various Government departments such as the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Department of Health and the Department of Trade and Industries.

The fruit juice industry is well integrated with international markets through export and import trade and substantial exports to sub-Saharan Africa are of particular importance. In South Africa, short- and long-life juices are sold in various categories. There are specific regulations, definitions and standards for each class of fruit juice.

South African Fruit Juice Association is committed to ensuring the integrity of all locally produced fruit juice products. With the organization's inception, a group of technical specialists were appointed to work towards improving the standards and regulations of the fruit juice industry. This concept was inspired by the successful implementation of market regulating programs of Europe and Australia. SAFJA is of the opinion that there cannot be fair competition and pricing if the authenticity of fruit juice products cannot be guaranteed by regular and objective inspection of products.


As the world becomes more urban and people are living further away from where food is produced, there is a trend towards adding value to raw agricultural products. Juicing is a form of adding value and is an excellent way to extend the shelflife...more