Services of SA Mushroom Farmers Association

©Ann Gadd
©Leif K Brooks

The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association offers its members a number of services that allow for the cultivation and production of high-quality mushrooms.

Farmers and producers have access to new mushroom varieties from around the world, as well as extensive information regarding the global mushroom market, local consumer trends and new farming techniques.

The commercial production of edible mushrooms in South Africa consists of a few strains that supply the country’s market. 90% of local mushroom production is made up of white button, brown button or brown (portobello) mushrooms. The other 10% are exotic mushrooms, such as oyster, shimeji and shiitake mushrooms. Some consumers prefer wild mushrooms, which are often sold at informal farmer’s markets. 

SA Mushroom Farmers Association collects and compiles statistics relevant to the industry, which is then made available to members of the association. Furthermore, they aim to raise funds for the research of cultivated fresh mushrooms, which is in turn used to educate new and existing mushroom farmers.

All mushroom farms in South Africa have their own compost yards and growing facilities, which differs from most international farming methods - larger mushroom industries invest in specialised companies who produce unique compost for every individual mushroom farm.

Mushroom Farming in South Africa

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