Services of Milk SA

Milk South Africa provides its members with assistance on research and development and provision of technical information including the funding on the many projects that are undertaken in the industry.

This could be trials on new breeds or crossbreeds that could be more suitable to the African conditions or feed and veterinary trials and tests for the primary producer or farmer. 

Milk SA also assists their secondary sector members with market research and consumer trends. One of the most important factors in the marketplaces today is food safety.

There are a host of certifications that are required by both the farmer or primary producers of milk or milk products and the processors before their product can be presented to the consumer on the supermarket shelves.

Milk SA also makes sure that the interests of all parties in the milk value chain are represented in setting standards for the marketplace by the Dairy Standards Agency. This ensures that the standards are upheld which in turn protects all role-players in the industry.

They also provide consumer education on the health benefits of dairy products. This is done through programs to schools, in-store promotions and the publishing of pamphlets and booklets.

Milk SA also provides statistical information on the production and sales of the products which assists members with forward planning.

Dairy Farming in South Africa

The dairy cow industry in South Africa is one of the largest agricultural industries in the country, employing more than 40 000 people....more