Sea Breams

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Sea Breams (Sparidae)


Breams or Porgies


On average, sea breams measure 40 cm. They can be as long as 1,2 m.

Sea Breams Identification

The bodies of sea breams are flattened and deep. They have a small mouth and forked or concave tails. There is differentiation within the sea bream family, some having large heads and others pointy, small heads with deep bodies and thin tails. They vary in colour from silver-white to red.

Sea Breams General Info

Sea breams belong to the Sparidae family which comprises of 35 genera and 112 species. They can be found in various habitats including bays, brackish estuaries, coastal reefs and deep waters off the continental shelf. Many of the species are hermaphrodites and change sex as they mature.

Sea Breams Feeding

Sea breams feed on various plants and hard-shelled benthic invertebrates.


They can be found in all tropical and temperate waters across the world.

Common Species

Bigeye stumpnose
Rhabdosargus thorpei
Chrysoblephus laticeps
Zebra seabream
Diplodus cervinus