Things to Do
Route of Lost Kingdoms

On the Route of Lost Kingdoms visit the Mapungubwe National Park and do the treetop walkway overlooking the Limpopo River in the eastern section near Leokwe camp. The raised boardwalk takes you into the tree canopy where some of the common trees, such as leadwood and fever trees are marked.

©Jacques Marais
Mapungubwe Mountain Bike Trail in Limpopo.

You can also go to the viewing decks at the Limpopo and Shashe confluence which is also where Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa join along the riverbanks. 

Take a guided heritage walk to the top of Mapungubwe Hill where you can see the graveyard of kings and learn more about the history and culture of the people who lived here from 1220–1290 AD. Also don’t miss the interpretive centre and museum near the main gate. 

Participate in wildlife conservation by joining a conservation expedition at Mpesu Private Game Reserve. The expedition will give you hands-on experience in the center of a major conservation activity. You’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder alongside seasoned wildlife professionals and specialists and assist in all activities.

Go off the beaten track and search for one of the oldest and biggest baobabs in the country, believed to be approximately 3 000 years old and aptly named the Sagole Giant. An old baobab tree can create its own ecosystem, as it supports the life of countless creatures, from the largest of mammals to the thousands of tiny creatures scurrying in and out of its crevices.

Birds nest in its branches; baboons devour the fruit; bush babies and fruit bats drink the nectar and pollinate the flowers, and elephants have been known to chop down and consume a whole tree.

Enter the Kruger National Park at Pafuri Gate and explore the northernmost sector of the park, located between the Limpopo and Luvuvhu Rivers.

To the north and east lies Mozambique and Zimbabwe. This area is the core of a transfrontier or 'peace' park that straddles South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and is known as the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Be sure not to miss the ancient ruins at Thulamela.