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Jean-Francois Sobiecki's South African Medicinal Plant Tours

Erythrina Lysistemon, the common Coral Tree flower, that is used to treat pain and inflammation for wound healing among other uses.
Boophone disticha (Incotho Zulu), Bushman Poison bulb: a powerful Southern African medicinal plant.

South Africa has an immensely rich botanical and cultural landscape. Over 300 species have been identified as having psychoactive uses alone (Sobiecki, 2002), that is, having uses for the nervous system to treat conditions such stress, Alzheimer's disease and dementia to name a few, yet for most of these medicinal plants their healing benefits and cultural significance have not yet been scientifically or culturally studied. Jean-Francois Sobiecki is one of the few researchers who has been actively carrying out this research in South Africa. 

Do You Feel a Call to Reconnect to Africa’s Ancient Traditional Healing Knowledge?

Come explore with medicinal plant researcher, nutritionist and herbalist healer: Jean Francois Sobiecki B.Sc Hons, Dip Clin Nutrition (Aus), on an amazing Journey into the bush to learn all about African indigenous medicinal and wild edible food plants, psychoactive traditional plant medicines, shamanic healing, and principles of holistic health.

Experience the serene beauty and rich plant and animal life at the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in the South of Johannesburg, that will leave you feeling refreshed & rejuvenated!

On the tour you will learn about South Africa’s most powerful healing plants used by the Izangoma (diviners) and Izinyanga (herbalists), how traditional medicine is prepared and used, the role of medicinal plants in healing, their conservation, bush survival skills and more.

Jean-Francois discussing South African medicinal plant use with a group of learners.

Reconnect to the Spirit of Africa's Great Heart!

The half day walking tour (approximately 4.5kms) starts at 9:30 to 1:30pm (can be flexible in ending times) (Meeting details will be emailed you once a booking is made) Bring snacks, comfortable hiking clothes, walking shoes, hat, water and camera with for an exciting and invigorating adventure!