Beautiful Region to Explore

The Langeberg (meaning 'Long Mountain') is a range of peaks that stretch 200km from Worcester to the vicinity of George. This mountain stretch encompasses many little charming inland farming towns along the East Coast in the Western Cape. The Langeberg makes for an excellent road trip with many scenic routes along the way. 

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The Langeberg region comprises of beautiful inland towns such as Swellendam and Riversonderend.

The Langeberg extends from the Western Cape interior right thought to the Klein Karoo region. Besides being scenic, the Langeberg has numerous accommodation options for travellers who want to plan overnight trips in the region. A variety of farms and nature reserves are also located within this beautiful mountain range. With so much of South Africa’s rich biodiversity nestled within the Langeberg, you can spot game such as giraffe, zebra, cheetah, caracal, jackal, eland, kudu, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, oryx, springbuck, rhebuck and other antelope species. 

The Langeberg also brims with an abundance of plant life that forms part of the Cape Floral Kingdom. Numerous parks along the route offer great hiking trails for all levels.

Popular activities along the Langeberg also include paragliding, farm tours, tractor rides and camping. Most of the scenic little towns along the Langeberg all have something special to offer visitors of all ages. The Langeberg is definitely a region to explore in South Africa, with much beauty, unique history and nature on offer.

Beautiful Region to Explore

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