Kat van Duinen

Owner and namesake Kat van Duinen founded this luxury fashion house in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. The label’s signature exotic leather pieces paved the way for a vibrant African aesthetic which has garnered an international audience of fashion aficionados.

©Kat van Duinen

The Kat van Duinen brand is a fusion of the designer’s Polish heritage and the warmth and richness of the African continent, more specifically, South Africa.

‘I believe in a well-curated, quality wardrobe that is not brimming with trend-based pieces, but rather carefully filled with garments and accessories that are timeless and versatile – and that will be passed down from generation to generation.’ - Kat van Duinen

With most of the materials sourced and assembled by hand in South Africa, Kat van Duinen has demonstrated her passion for premium quality and locally-produced designer goods.

You too can own a piece of the well-crafted luxury goods produced from the highest quality materials and skins. There are a range of collections, bags, garments and accessories to explore to find the perfect piece for you.

Classic Vanity Bag

Made out of ostrich leather, a favourite of tastemakers since forever, it comes in various colours to suit the subtleties of myriad styles....more

Crocodile Vanity Bag

This crocodile number is particularly outstanding, with its elegant design and chic dimensions....more

Napa Belt Bag

Lauded for its supple qualities, napa is pleasing to the eye and touch....more

Nguni Belt Bag

This piece can be worn in three ways; as a belt, sling bag or clutch. Expertly designed, it won't fail to distinguish you from the rest....more

Ostrich Belt Bag

Functional yet fashionable, this 3-way number serves as a clutch, belt and sling bag....more

Ostrich Bottle Bag

This stunning bottle bag will pay for itself over many dinner parties, picnics and more....more

Ostrich Box Bag

Invest in a classic style that merges convenience and fashion....more

Ostrich Laptop Bag

Available in two sizes, small and large, it is the perfect luxury shroud for computer devices big and small....more

Ostrich Leather Clutch

Go the extra mile in style when you purchase this spectacular clutch....more

Ostrich Leather Travel Bag

Travelling and packing go hand in hand – this flat-bottomed travel bag allows you to keep your clothes washed, ironed and folded wherever you go. With abundant space and an opening to match, this overnight carrier makes packing for a trip effortless....more

Ostrich Shin Belt Bag

A bag that does all those things and is made out of ostrich shin....more

Ostrich Tote Bag

This genuine ostrich tote is a carrying bag with a stylish twist; it serves as a convenience item and chic accessory....more

Python Belt Bag

Adorn yourself with it when you procure this incredible python belt bag, a feat of design simplicity....more

Python Bottle Bag

Able to carry two wine or champagne bottles, it is a notable addition to any tastemaker's party arsenal....more

Python Box Bag

This sensational piece was made with meticulous care, as can be seen in the expert design and flawless finish....more

Python Leather Clutch

Available in highly sought-after python leather, it’s beloved for its stunning design, boldness and adaptability....more

Python Leather Travel Bag

The flat bottom makes packing more of a dream than the holiday you’ve planned; not for a lack of space, but you can leave the iron at home....more

Python Tote Bag

An elegant carry-all, it delivers on timeless design and elegant utility....more

Python Vanity Bag

Made out of this highly sought-after skin, it’s available in a host of colours to suit diverse tastes....more

Statement Ostrich Clutch

Distinguished by its vacant quill follicles, ostrich leather is a uniquely beautiful premium skin....more

Statement Python Clutch

A compact piece of elegance, it will instantly refine any evening ensemble....more

Two-Way Crocodile Clutch

This crocodile leather clutch is a must-have for occasions where only elegance will do....more

Two-Way Ostrich Clutch

There are those with style and those with style savvy. Securing an accessory that can adapt to many occasions defines the latter....more

Two-Way Python Clutch

A stylish little treat, it boasts the versatility of a premium skin....more

Unisex Ostrich Travel Bag

Available in various colours, this statement piece comes in ostrich leather and can be tailored to an outfit or holiday mood board....more

Unisex Python Travel Bag

Nab this his and hers python leather travel bag and jetset in style!...more